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      Smart Manufacturing (flashlight) Automated Production Line System


      This training system is mainly composed of Siemens RFID, S7-1200PLC, inverter, Huichuan servo system, touch screen, 4 sets industrial robot (FANUC, ABB and NACHI), AGV, industrial vision inspection system, fiber laser marking machine, robot walking and robot end fixture, CNC lathe (2 sets), machining center (1 set), through simulating the industrial production ,assembly and packaging process of the flashlight, demonstrates the combination and application of various basic technologies in modern industrial control, covering the industrial field Various advanced control technologies and special processing technologies .

      Integrated with light, machine, electricity, air and information integration, logistics management training, industrial modeling, IoT sensing technology, robotics, visual image recognition, CNC manufacturing, pattern recognition, A comprehensive research platform such as art design. By combining with the development direction of teaching subjects, it can cover most of the majors of science and engineering colleges and corresponding management majors. It is an advanced experimental teaching platform and scientific research platform for cultivating innovative consciousness, creative thinking and comprehensive ability.


      Training content:

      Design and application of FANUC numerical control system (machining center, CNC lathe, CNC machining center)

      Robot application research

      Network communication technology and bus technology

      Configuration monitoring and human-machine interface technology

      Servo control technology

      Design and application of Siemens PLC

      Sensor technology and application

      Pneumatic control technology

      Motion Control System

      Mechanical structure training technology
      Fault detection technical skills training