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      Smart Manufacturing (photo frame) Automated Production Line System


      Technical specications:

      1) Covering an area of 115.44 square meters (including channels), 15m × 8m.

      2) Input power: three-phase four-wire system AC380V±10% 50HZ, single-phase 220V±10% 50H.

      3) Working environment: temperature -10 °C - +40 °C, relative humidity <85% (25 °C), anhydrous beads condensation elevation <4000m.

      4) Power control: automatic air switch on and off power supply, with over voltage protection, under voltage protection, over current protection, leakage protection system.

      5) Air source, 3-7bar, 670L/min.


      Product and technique flow chart


      a.       Product

      The photo frame is divided into three sizes: 6 inches, 7 inches, and 8 inches.

      b.       Flow chart



      Standard configuration:

      1. Taiwan spindle unit 80-8000rpm;

      2. Servo spindle motor: power 5.5KW (26N.M);

      3. Taiwan's 24 disc tools;

      4. Move handle;

      5, Z-axis rigid tapping;

      6, Z-axis counterweight system;

      7. Centralized automatic oil lubrication;

      8. External cooling system (including cooling pipe, chip tray, cooling box, cooling pump);

      9, manual chip removal;

      10, external air cooling;

      11. Hand-held air guns;

      12. Fully protective sheet metal outer cover and internal lead screw and guide rail cover;

      13. Adjust horn;

      14. Work lighting;

      15. Work alarm lights;

      16, CNC system: KND-2000M;


      Training projects

      Communication between the PLC and the remote I/O module;

      Modbus-Tcp communicates between PLC and four-axis industrial robot;

      TCP/IP communication between PLC and six-axis industrial robot;

      Modbus-rtu communicates between PLC and the servo drive;

      Profinet communication between PLC and RFID;

      Profinet communication between PLC and PLC;

      Communication between MES and PLC;

      Industrial robot installation, debugging and programming;

      HMI embedded touch screen application;

      Application of bus communication technology;

      Industrial automation network applications;

      The application of PLC program control technology;

      Industrial electrical control technology and applications;

      Application of motor drive technology;

      Principle and application of servo control system;

      Application of motion control systems;

      Machining technology and CNC machine programming;

      Pneumatic deburring, grinding principle and application;

      Principle and application of UV marking;

      Laser marking principle and application;

      Principle and application of automatic labeling machine;

      3D printing principle and application;

      AGV trolley control system application;

      Application of product assembly technology;

      Principle and application of visual inspection system;

      Pneumatic execution and control technology;

      Fixture tooling design and application;